How would you design your child’s ideal education?

We can help!  Our program is available for ages 5-18 — at no cost to you!

Quick Overview

Under the direction of our partner schools, My Tech High teachers and staff work closely with parents to design a personalized education plan for every child – at no cost to the family!

Families love personalized education!

We are ABSOLUTELY in love with schooling at home and so appreciative to the My Tech High program for making it so easy to choose THE BEST of THE BEST curriculum and supplies. Much gratitude to you and your team.”

The My Tech High program allows me to personalize and customize what I want to learn…so that I can prepare for my future all the better.”

The tech classes have been wonderful! It has opened up doors and taught them things that they would never have pursued on their own.”

Thank you for the dedication you have to My Tech High and providing stellar learning resources and a fabulous tech environment. I am amazed at how my children have grown and jumped leaps and bounds in school. Your vision of what is possible has truly inspired me and introduced my children and me to all sorts of resources we didn’t know were possible.

I thank God daily for all you do and all the families you are blessing! My kids LOVE learning and can’t get enough! And they want to thank you all and your team too! Bless you!”

Overwhelmed with the idea of a home-based education program?


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