Our children are not standard. It’s important to recognize each individual child’s strength and help them build upon what they want to pursue and learn in life.”

Matt Bowman

Founder & CEO, My Tech High

Our Founder

The story of My Tech High begins with the story of Matt Bowman, our founder and CEO. Matt’s journey began on the day he first started teaching sixth grade. Fresh out of college with a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Matt fell in love with teaching middle school students. As his passion for education grew, Matt continued to teach and then earned a Master’s degree in Education focused on Public School Choice.

During the mid-90s, Matt received a technology grant for online education. He was charged with bringing this “new thing” called the Internet into the classroom. It didn’t take long to see the power and potential of online learning. Students of all different ages were totally engaged in learning, free to work at their own personalized pace, and were able to share work with other students around the world.

Stepping out of his teaching role in classroom, Matt then took a related position in private industry. Joining Novell, Inc., a high-tech firm, Matt developed online learning programs for Fortune 500 customers and their partner channel. His efforts focused on how to make online learning successful. The key ingredients included a combination of online mentors, top-notch software, and virtual learning labs. Matt later moved to a different area within the corporation to broaden his knowledge of business development, marketing and entrepreneurship. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he has launched dozens of his own start-up companies, and even sold one to Donald Trump in 2004.

Matt is passionate about three worlds – Education, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. In 2008, he began searching for a way to bring those different worlds all together. Matt was driven by a desire to create an online public school program for kids that would teach both high-tech skills and entrepreneurship principles. My Tech High was born.

Connect with Matt via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattbowman00

Who We Are

My Tech High helps innovative public school districts provide personalized education options to students who learn best at home. We are dedicated to helping today’s tech-savvy kids become tomorrow’s successful entrepreneurs. Our company is the brain child of Matt Bowman, the CEO and founder. In 2008, Matt fulfilled his dream to start a program allowing young people to access online courses focused on technology and entrepreneurship. My Tech High is based in the “Silicon Slopes”, a cluster of booming high-tech companies located in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Watch the 3-min video “You Got Schooled” which was produced by an education policy think tank who promotes innovation within public education.

We Support Parents Like You

Does your child know more about computers than you? Most parents discover that around the age of 10-12, children seem to know more about technology than most adults. It’s no surprise that parents like you feel overwhelmed trying to nurture your child’s interest in technology. Regardless of the education model you’re using – public or private, district or charter, onsite or at home – there simply aren’t many courses designed to teach youth about computer programming, mobile games, 3D graphics, digital arts, animation, entrepreneurship, and more!

For children that have a thirst for technology, their only option is to look to their parents for support. But most parents lack the time, technology, and expertise to mentor this passion for learning. At My Tech High, our goal is to support parents like you. We want to help you cultivate your child’s passion for technology and entrepreneurship.

Our Team

At My Tech High, all of our team members are digital natives. We love technology! Our curriculum is developed in-house by e-learning specialists. Our course developers know how to design content that is both fun and engaging for youth. Each course we offer is supported by Online Tech Mentors, who serve as your child’s personal guide. Using HD video conferencing, our mentors facilitate student group discussions to ensure all your child’s questions are answered.

We believe today’s tech-savvy kids also need real business mentors. Through our network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and CEOs, we know what business leaders are looking for with regards to technology, innovation, and leadership. This allows us to mentor your child on what’s really happening in the business world.

Join our team! We’re always looking for talented teachers, course developers, and public school partners across the country. If interested, email resume to admin [@] mytechhigh.com.

Let Us Be Your Child’s Tech Guide

When Matt Bowman founded My Tech High, he had a vision of American innovation, personalized education, and technology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, technology in America is expected to grow faster than any other combination of industries in the economy as a whole. That’s why we offer a wide range of courses for students 5 to 18 covering everything from Computer Programming Foundations to Game Design, from Mobile App Development to Rocket Science.

We hope you will consider letting us be your child’s technology and entrepreneurial guide. We invite you spend some time getting to know us better. Feel free to browse through our course catalog and find the right fit for your child. Our goal is to help parents like you access the resources you need to help your child succeed.