Drawing & Animation Foundations


From cartoons on TV to animated feature films on the big screen, everything starts with a sketch. But how does a simple drawing turn into full-fledged animation? We’ll walk you through the process in this course on animation for kids, because a sketchbook doodle today can be something Pixar-worthy tomorrow.

What You’ll Learn

  • Draw basic shapes and figures
  • Turn drawings into computer images
  • Operate Frames (drawing and animation software)
  • Produce short animation clips
  • View sample projects

System Requirements

  • PC: Windows 7 or higher
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
  • Wacom Intuos Draw Small Pen Tablet (shipped directly to student in August)
  • Frames (software license fee included with course)

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My favorite thing was learning to do animation. I like making epic battles and setting them to music!”

7 year old boy

I have loved everything about the My Tech High class this year, but my favorite was sculpting and doing stop animation projects. My brother and I have made several projects, and this summer my mom is going to help me set up a camp for other kids in our neighborhood so that we can teach them how to do stop animation projects, too.”

11 year old girl

My second son (11) loved his tech class – animation. He wasn’t much into drawing before the class and now is drawing all of the time and wants to take more classes like it.”

Happy Parent

My daughter absolutely loved the art class – Drawing, Sculpting, and Animation Foundations. She loved every part of it, the computer art, the sculpting with clay and the stop motion animation creation.”

Happy Parent

In Animation & Drawing, my 8 year old daughter loved the Wacom pad and even though there was some frustration with learning to use it and the 3D rendering program, she put a lot of time and effort into her work. Getting the WebCam and using it thrilled both her and me because now the hundreds of still pictures she was already taking to make little stop animation films will stop!”  🙂

Happy Parent

My 7 year old boy took Drawing, Sculpting, and Animation–his favorite part was creating stop action movies involving epic battles between his toys. His 12 year old brother got involved and the two created multiple movies, complete with music, that they are very proud of.”

Happy Parent

My 7 year old daughter loved the digital sculpting and animation.”

Happy Parent