Rocketry Foundations

Using both Stomp Rockets and Estes Model Rockets, students in grades K-2 will apply an investigative and exploratory approach to understand the basics of rocket flight and the design of rockets.


What You’ll Learn and Create

Using Stomp Rockets, students will investigate the different factors that affect the flight of rockets by modifying air rockets to see the effect on flight.  Students will also have the opportunity to prepare their own Rocket Launch Missions by designing Launch Mission Patches/Banners and constructing/launching Estes model rockets.

System Requirements

  • A full set of rocket supplies and engines will be shipped directly to the student in August.

Utah-Residents_0204_03   Support From Expert Instructors

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I learned about the structures of rockets. What makes rocket engines work. And how to predict how high the rockets would fly. It opened up my interest in outer space and I learned about our solar system and the history of rocketry.”

7 year old girl

My son has Down Syndrome and functions at the level of a five year old but with teen attitude. :). He has really enjoyed the videos etc. of the rocketry class. Thanks for creating this fun class. Tech classes have been a really positive experience in great part because of you, your great attitude, availability, and help. Thank you!”

Happy Parent

My second grade daughter is now eight years old. She loved her rocket class. Every launch was magic. It was interesting to watch her make better predictions each launch. She was learning in a concrete, hands-on way the science of rocketry. She enjoyed learned the reason rockets are designed the way they are. The difference between her model rockets and the big ones that go into space. She became interested in the history of rocketry, in outer space, and astronomy all because the rockets ignited her curiosity.”

Happy Parent