Virtual Makerspace With KiwiCo Crates

Do you like to tinker and think with your hands by building and making things? Would you like to unleash your imagination, creativity, or inner scientist to help solve real-life problems? Our Virtual Makerspace With KiwiCo Crates course is a perfect opportunity for you to do just that! In this course, we couple hands-on STEAM projects for the next generation of scientists, artists, & makers from KiwiCo with the five major parts of the innovation process as researched and tested by the DivergeConverge team at BYU. 


         Kiwi Themes Available for this course

Ages 5-8                Ages 9-16                  Ages 14-18

  Kiwi                       Doodle                         Eureka 

                                  Tinker                         Maker  


What You’ll Learn & Create

  • Using the KiwiCo crates and other materials, students will connect science/technology/engineering/art/mathematics concepts to their everyday lives through the construction of fun and engaging projects that encompass various themes (as determined by the chosen KiwiCo crate theme).

Note: In addition to the monthly Kiwi kits, this course has an online curriculum with additional instruction and activities. 

In this curriculum:

  • Students will review and learn about the engineering design process
  • Students will learn about and look for opportunities for innovation using the USERS process (Understand, Shape, Explore, Refine, and Share)
  • Students will have the opportunity (but not be required) to share their work with other students 

This course will be much more open and varied based on the random nature of kit themes as compared to other My Tech High Tech and Entrepreneurship courses. There will be flexibility in how students implement the kits.

System Requirements

  • No additional requirements

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