How it works

Watch these 5 short videos to learn how the program works:

1)  Homeroom Resources

Homeroom is the hub – the Central HQ – where your child has 24/7, unlimited access to an extensive digital curriculum library, plus a caring certified teacher for support, guidance, and weekly accountability.  See the FAQ page for a list of Homeroom Resources, including BrainPop, Generation Genius, Tang Math, Study Island, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, PEG Writing, and more!

2)  My Tech High Direct

Course is paid for and provided directly to the student by My Tech High. See the FAQ page for a list of direct providers, including ALEKS Math, Apex Learning, Bottega Bootcamp, BYU Independent Study, Snow College Online, Dreambox Math, Edgenuity, Edmentum, Imagine Learning, Waterford Learning, IXL, Lexia, Prodigy, Reading Eggs, ST Math, Rosetta Stone, and more!.

3)  Custom-built

Once pre-approved by the school of enrollment, learning resources (up to $225/course) are purchased by parent and reimbursed.*

4)  3rd Party Provider

Once pre-approved by school of enrollment, tuition (up to $300/course) is paid by parent and reimbursed.*

5)  Tech Allowance

As required by the school of enrollment, students must have adequate access to a computer, high-speed internet, and a webcam for which a school-approved technology subsidy is provided (up to $500/year)*.

Additional Resources:


  • Review this sample schedule framework.
  • Start thinking about what your ideal educational plan would look like.
  • Review the program benefits and requirements listed below.
  • Review all of the MANY curriculum options available.
  • Bring your questions to the next live, online parent Q&A session (see dates).
  • Review Parent Link (accessible after submitting an application).

*The school of enrollment pre-approves all expenditures and directly oversees the use of any public funds in compliance with all applicable laws and Board rules.

Program Benefits and Requirements

Program Benefits

  • Public/Private Partnership Program providing high-quality curriculum and learning resources to personalize every child’s education
  • Unlimited access to quality curriculum that maps to state standards
  • Unlimited access to experienced mentors and certified teachers
  • Discover a wide range of supplemental resources to inspire your child at any level – from struggling to advanced
  • To maintain program flexibility, all grades are either Pass or Fail (except for diploma-seeking students)
  • Full access to partner school resources including counseling, registrar support, and special education services
  • Choose from over 25 project-based, online courses focused on Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Participate in community field trips, hack-a-thons, internships, service opportunities, and business competitions
  • Motivated high school students can pursue an accredited Associate’s Degree
  • Students seeking a high school diploma may choose from several different accredited providers
  • High School students can access excellent ACT/SAT Prep tools and resources
  • Students in grades 7-12 may participate in up to 2 onsite classes (plus LDS Seminary, if interested) at their local district (not charter) school 
  • Students are welcome to participate in any extra-curricular activities at their local district (not charter) school

Program Requirements

  • Student must be a resident of the participating state between the ages 5-18 (as of Sept 1)
  • Parent must submit a program application for each child
  • Once accepted into the program, parent must submit a complete public school enrollment packet to be reviewed and approved by the school of enrollment (see packet policy details)
  • Both student and parent need an active email account (see videos for help with younger children).
  • Each student must have a full-time schedule with 6 or 7 Periods (see sample schedule)
  • Following a standard public school schedule (Aug-May), all students must demonstrate active participation by submitting a Weekly Learning Log and Attendance Record for review by a certified teacher
  • Students are also required to create a monthly portfolio-of-work to demonstrate progress and mastery
  • Unless an opt-out form is submitted, students are required to participate in all state tests (see additional details).
  • Students are required to have a computer, high-speed internet, and a webcam for which a school-approved technology subsidy* is provided (up to $500/year)
  • For Kindergartners, the program is essentially the same, just with a half-time schedule and half of the school-approved technology subsidy*.
  • The deadline to submit an application for mid-year enrollment is November 10.

*Based on eligibility and as required by Federal Law and Board Rule

Personalized Educational Programs Work!

Quality Curriculum – at no cost to you!

We provide parents access to high-quality educational resources — at no cost to them — tailored to the unique needs of each child.

Gain tech and entrepreneurship skills!

We help students gain valuable tech and entrepreneurship skills to be successful NOW and to impact the world for good in the future.

Become part of our extensive community!

We love to connect with families who think differently about their child’s education.  Come join our field trips, community events, parent-led activities, virtual clubs, and more!

Parents Know Best.

We invite parents to research curriculum and learning resources to determine what’s best for each child, based on their unique needs and interests, and then submit a proposed year-long personalized education plan for review and approval by school/program administrators.

Students Thrive.

Once students experience a truly personalized learning environment, they never want to go back to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Success Continues.

We hear amazing stories from parents whose children have continued their success as adults.

From earning college scholarships to starting businesses to pursuing a passion-centered career, we are proud of the students who participate in our program.

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