Virtual Clubs

Visual Arts Club

Students can gather virtually and learn more about specific art techniques, complete a project together, and/or come together to show a piece that they started in a previous meeting.  Grade levels: 3-12

World Explorers Club

In the World Explorers Club we will learn about geography by studying maps and playing trivia games. Together, we will study and prepare for a My Tech High Geography Bee!  Grade levels: 4-8

Book Worm Club

Book Worms is an exciting book club for students grades 3-6. We will have a designated book to read each month and we will meet virtually to discuss the book. We will also provide students with optional activities that go along with the books. A list of books will be provided so that students can have ample time to obtain the month’s book. Book Worm members will need to read the book prior to our meeting so that they can be an active participant in our discussions.  Grade levels: 3-6

Beehive Club

The Beehive Club will meet to learn and discuss all things history with an emphasis on historian skills and Utah history! There are so many fascinating things to learn about right here, where we live! Throughout the year we will meet to prepare presentations for Utah History Day. Grade levels: 4-12

Mix It Club

Mix It! Is a cooking/baking club. Club advisors will provide a suggestion for an ingredient to use in a recipe each month. Students can find a recipe or make one up themselves using that specific ingredient. They will then take a picture of their finished masterpiece to share with the club at our monthly meetings. Grade levels: K-12

Number Games

Number games is a place for you to stretch your number, pattern, logic, and systems skills in fun ways. We will have different kinds of games and challenges for you to try, practice, and improve your skills. This club has opportunities for older students to take a leadership role and make this the best club ever!  Grade levels: 5-12

Running Club

In the Running Club we form teams and have some fun while we run! Students will be able to set and meet personal goals and club goals. We will also plan and participate in virtual 5k/10ks, virtual marathons, and a My Tech High wide fitness challenge. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re currently at, running and exercise are for everyone! If you are looking to improve your fitness and get into running for fun and fitness, this is the club for you!  Grade levels: K-12

Student Leadership Council

The My Tech High Student Leadership Council is made up of two leaders from each social club/team. It is by invitation only. These leaders will check in monthly to discuss how things are going in their club and how we as a council can help, calendar upcoming events, resolve student issues, We will learn a leadership principle from a top leadership professional. We may prepare some students to create content for social media and or lead MTH webinars, meet-ups etc.  Grade levels: 6-12

REACH Service Club

Calling all HEARTS! Do you enjoy doing things for others? Random acts of kindness? Service projects large or small? We need you!! The Service Club will be engaged in doing good in the world. That world may be within your home or involve an entire community. Join us for a chance to be a part of it all! Our group will organize 2 large service projects for the year and several small projects in between. Some ideas may include: children’s charities, humane society, assisted living services, secret service opportunities, etc.  Grade levels: K-12

Lit Club

This club is all about reading, writing, and YOU! In this club we get to take a journey around the world, through different time periods, and experience all different types of styles. You will get to pick different books to read and then have the opportunity to discuss what you learned. We will learn from actual authors about how they started writing and what they have done to become successful. There will be writing prompts, writing exercises, and writing contests as we learn and discover different ways to tell a story or share information. We want to cater the club to be exactly what you want it to be. Whether you like to read a little or you can’t pull your nose out of the book, we want you here! If you like to write short stories or long essays, we need your voice!  Grade levels: 7-12

Science Club

Join us once a month to celebrate our love of science! Each month we will be discovering more about a different area of science.  During the year we will participate in hands-on activities, share current happenings in the world of science as well as allow each child to complete a ‘passion project’ on a topic of their choosing! An optional bingo challenge where students can check off different science activities they’ve completed throughout the year will also take place. And at the end of the year we will host a virtual science fair open to all My Tech High students! If you love science and want to explore more, this is the club to join!  Grade levels: 4-8

Pure Genius Club

Pure Genius is a club where you develop your entrepreneurship skills as well as learn about successful businesses. We will talk about all the things you need to know if you are wanting to start a business. There will be opportunities to discuss seeing a need in the world, coming up with new approaches to filling the need, figuring out if the approaches can make money, pitching your idea, getting feedback, and learning what it takes to create a business. There are competitions you can participate in and the awards can give you funding to launch your future business idea. Entrepreneurship involves a lot of challenges, failures, and learning from things that don’t work before getting to something that does. This is a fun way to get started having those experiences in a safe supportive environment.  Grade levels: 7-12

Esports Club

Club members will compete in Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, and Rocket League (no shooting games are included).

Club members will also help shape the direction of a live, online course called the “Business of Esports”. It’ll be hosted directly inside Discord and will cover topics such esports entrepreneurship, gaming with a purpose, resume building in esports, streaming production using Twitch, game broadcasting / announcer skill development, and more!  Grade levels: 7-12

Journalism Club

Journalism is “the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to be broadcast.” As a member of the My Tech High journalism club, you will contribute to the first ever My Tech High Year In Review publication.  Grade levels: 5-12